Credit Score

Get a reliable credit score check

Leverage our innovative credit scoring capabilities to build better financial services and transform people's life.

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 Faster & Easier
Improved underwriting

Streamline lending processes

More data for you to generate more accurate credit scores.

Processed analyzed data

Decide in seconds, not hours

Let us do the heavy lifting. Relevant findings are analyzed and presented in a clear and easy-to-read format, making it easy for you to make a prompt decision.

  Built-in compliance
Quicker Decisions
Built-in compliance

Get peace of mind

We build our products with high security and data privacy standard at heart, so you can focus on what matters most, building your product and services.

Harness the power of data with Finantier Score

Streamline manual underwriting to improve efficiency and lower costs


99.9% uptime so you never have to worry .


Bank-grade encryption with leading data privacy standards.


Combines financial and alternative data sets for comprehensive views.


User-friendly interface with a single entry point.


Adheres to all local data privacy and consent rules and regulations.


Offers a more nuanced, holistic picture than alternatives on the market.

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